Action Trailer Music Selections and Examples

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Here are some of the most popular action trailer music tracks with over 2,000 copies sold.

Here’s an After Effects trailer project utilizing “Epic Action Trailer” from above:

The Clouds V2

“TheClouds” trailer version 2 is here. This time with more realistic cloud scenes, 3D titles and specially made for it trailer music! All in Full HD!

See this After Effects trailer project HERE

See the versatility of our Epic Action Trailer as demonstrated in the following After Effects projects...

Broken V2

Blockbuster Trailer

Epic Digital Distortion

Fast Action Trailer

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  • Love the sound! Amazing work! Strong!–muzikizum

  • Thumbs up, this one rocks.–Bedros

  • This is freaking awsome. I love this song! Great job!–xstortionist

  • Absolutely awesome track! I’ve used it in my new project.–white-shade

You can get more info on this track, view some more sample videos utilizing the track and purchase it royalty free for a one-time cost of only $29 here: Epic Action Trailer Music